No Cramped Classes


Here at LEIGH KICKBOXING STUDIO you won’t be crammed into uncomfortable, impersonal classes. They simply don’t exist here.


If you want to learn anything QUICKLY & CORRECTLY, a large group class scenario is totally unsuitable, outdated and frankly a waste of money.

They can also be more damaging than they are beneficial!!!


 Imagine a driving lesson with 35-45 other people, all at the same time!! It would be a waste of time.....Right?.


In a group class even the best instructors cannot see, help, correct and assist every student properly or the class would go on for hours. So you as the student in a class learn bad habits and in correct techniques which could potentially cause you serious injury!


At Leigh Kickboxing Studio our member instructor ratio is a MAXIMUM 12 : 1.

In this way every aspect of your training can be constantly monitored and any mistakes corrected immediately so that you get the results you want - FAST!!


A single session at the studio is equivalent to around 5 regular classes!!

Imagine that in just 2 hours of training per week, at the academy, you can get the input of over 40 classes per month!!

You would save over 32 hours each month!! And you would also actually see REAL RESULTS.