Health & Wellbeing

Get Your Mind & Body Fit

Whatever your goal, self-defense, get fit, lose weight, relieve stress; kickboxing is the perfect choice for an health body and mind. Get fit, stay fit!

Fully Equipped Studio

Professional, Friendly Environment.

No dingy gym here! Train in a clean, professional, friendly, fully equipped studio with full-time professional instructors


Adult Kickboxing / MMA Striking

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Teenagers - Youth Development Program

Ages 11 - 16 High school teenagers

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Junior Blackbelt Training Program

For Ages 6 to 11

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Mixed Martial Arts

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You've just taken the first and hardest step to becoming a better, fitter & happier person, or in other words a Kickboxer.

Besides being a modern martial art, kickboxing is an exciting sport and a challenging fitness programme; it appeals to everyone - kids to adults, business people to doctors! If you are looking for an effective way to get in shape, this sport is for you.

Most of the worlds top models train in kickboxing for this reason! If you’re looking for an effective self defence program, kickboxing ranks as one of the best! Maybe you have ambitions of climbing through the ropes to become a champion......

You have come to the right place and the choice is yours.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

Please Note

Even though our training is very comprehensive and effective, you will never have to fight and do not need to be fit to start

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our members have to say

Our jobs are very demanding of our time and the studio allows us to train at a time that suits us. The training is always challenging, enjoyable and we both feel better for starting kickboxing. We can say with out doubt that we are glad we made the decision to join.

Bill Hinchliffe & Chris Powell - Senior Law Firm Partners

I have lots of responsibility and pressure in my job and travel throughout the UK, USA and Europe. The training I get at the studio helps me to eliminate stress and improve my home life as I train with my wife and children - it is a really good feeling to do things as a family - the studio allows us to do that and also has helped me to lose over 3 stone in body fat in just over a year. I am currently a purple belt and loving my training - I highly recommend the studio to you

Kevin Finn - Company Director

Gael - I have always been interested in fitness but the kickboxing just blew me away!! The training is great fun and I feel much safer and confident when I am out and about.

Shelly - I was a little apprehensive at first as I am a little shy really, but the studio is great for me as I know there are no crowds or spectators to put me off. I am now miles more confident and have taken several gradings which I would never have had the confidence to do in the past. I have also met a few new friends here too!

Gael & Shelly

I used to train at another club but like it here ‘cause it’s fun - but i can’t get away with anything ‘cause the instructors keep an eye on me. I like kickboxing at the studio and think you will too!

Lee (aged 10)