Adult Classes

Adult Kickboxing / MMA Striking

Please Note

Even though our training is very comprehensive and effective, you will never have to fight and do not need to be fit to start

We offer specific sessions for adults only.

These lessons are totally seperate! No kids or adults ever mix!!


Our training will get you fit and healthy FAST!

Our Studio teaches the full range of MMA Striking techniques that you will see used in K1 & Glory Kickboxing (Modern Muay Thai), The UFC & Bellator.

All the Kickboxing techniques that you will learn with us are massively effective in real life self defence situations!

They are based on real, full contact fighting methods found in traditional Muay Boran, Muay-Thai, Kyokusin Karate, Kudo - Japanese MMA, K1 & Glory Kickboxing.

You currently see these Kickboxing/MMA (Modern Muay Thai - MMT) strikes dominating the Glory Kickboxing Championships & the UFC.

For example:
  • Daniel Cormier - UFC Heavyweight - Double the amount of victories from Kickboxing Striking compared to submission!!
  • Amanda Nunes 8 KO VS 2 SUBS
  • Connor McGregor - UFC Legend - 19 KO from Kickboxing Striking Vs 1 from submission
  • Sarah Kaufman 10 KO from 16 fights
  • Anderson Silva - UFC Legend - 23 KO from Kickboxing Striking Vs 4 from submission
  • Israel Adesanya "style bender" - UFC star - 18 KO from Kickboxing Striking Vs zero subs


Punches are awesome weapons due to the hands being your most natural limb to use& done correctly they are the number one method of KO in real fight sports ( K1, GLORY Kickboxing & UFC) - However in real life your hands are fragile so we have the ability to switch weapons.....


Knees and Elbows (derived from MUAY-THAI, KUDO & KYOKUSHIN) take over the number one KO and stoppage title when in close and grappling (clinching)!! You will see this in K1, Glory Kickboxing and the UFC / Bellator.


The absolute king of safe self defence is Kicking Strikes !!


  1. Kicks are your most powerful strike, using your most powerful muscle groups!
  2. They are also your longest weapons which keeps you further away from the enemy.
  3. See how often high kicks are used to KO from distance.
  4. To immobilise an enemy with low kicks is simply devastating.
  5. Let's not forget about body kicks and stamp front kicks etc to take the wind from an enemy ....

Our system has constantly evolved and developed over the decades to create a STRONG, ACTIVE , DYNAMIC combat system that will not only get you fit but give you the skills to keep you safe! !!!

However fights do not always stay on the feet !!! You will be learn the techniques of ground fighting & defence too! This will give you the ability to defend yourself on the ground but more importantly, fight back to your Feet- the safest place to be!!



REMEMBER: You do NEVER have to fight, but if you ever need to defend yourself it's good to know you have the key simple, active & dynamic skills to help you stay safe !!

Dont forget!!

All lessons are limited attendance and by appointment only to make sure the session never gets over crowded. This gives you a far far better lesson than in a large open style class.

Class Times

Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 18:30-19:30
Tuesday & Thursday - 10:30-11:30, 18:00-19:00, 19:00-20:00, 20:00-21:00
Saturday & Sunday - 10:30-11:30
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