Kids Classes

For ages 6-11 we offer our Junior Blackbelt Program
For ages 5 and under we offer our Diddy Dragons Program

Please Note

Even though our training is very comprehensive and effective, you will never have to fight and do not need to be fit to start

Diddy Dragons

Our 5 and under Diddy Dragons program

Due to demand spaces are extremely limited!!

These are 30 minute focused sessions and help the young ones Improve balance,coordination and the basics of discipline, rules and techniques.

It's great fun!!

All bookings are in advance as we limit the lesson numbers for safety and efficacy

Class Times

Ages 5 and Under
Sunday - 09:00-09:30
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Junior Blackbelt Program

For ages 6-11


"A Blackbelt is Whitebelt that didn't Quit"

Well not quite, but its our aim to guide your child up towards their Junior Blackbelt

All training is conducted in our purpose built fully equipped studio. We have a variety of pads,bags boxing ring and training octagon.

Our instructors are extremely experienced with many years of experience.

We are a full time studio & are fully equipped for complete safe, effective training

We limit the number of kids training to further enhance their learning

We teach all aspects of the martial arts with our focus mainly on stand up techniques. This is far more effective in real life "play ground" fights. The MOST dangerous place to be is on the ground! We will teach your child how to defend themselves on the ground and fight back to the feet.

Our system includes all the best aspects of Muay Thai Kickboxing,Japanese kakuto kickboxing(combat karate/kickboxing) & Kudo (Japanese mma)

This makes the training varied, exciting and fun!

Aside from the Self Defence and health benefits, our training improves self confidence, mental focus, concentration, socialization & interaction, patience and mental strength.

ALL our instructors are qualified & professional.

Unfortunately there are many poorly qualified / unqualified trainers out there simply trying to line their own pockets! This is dangerous & hugely risks your child's safety!

BEWARE of those clubs! They are pile it high sell it cheap, usually not insured or well equipped - potentially very dangerous!

We believe the safety of your child is paramount.

We will look after your child and provide the correct structured training that will allow them to learn in a fun effective but safe way.

Class Times

Ages 6 to 11
Tuesday & Thursday - 17:00-17:50
Wednesday & Friday - 16:30-17:20
Saturday & Sunday - 13:00-13:50
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