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Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. I will behave in accordance with the rules and pledges as described by Leigh Kickboxing Studio at all time.
  2. I will where possible, assist another Leigh Kickboxing Studio member in any area that I am capable to do.
  3. I understand that I will be required to purchase certain pieces of equipment, from the studio, at various times in my training, in order to progress. I will be informed in advance as and when this is necessary.
  4. I understand that Leigh Kickboxing Studio Grading Tests are held every 2-3 months and that these are a recommended part of my training syllabus.
  5. I understand that if I do not attend 3 consecutive grading’s, I may need to re-apply for my membership in order to continue training (STC).
  6. I understand that all tuition is available by appointment only and must be booked & paid for in advance. I also agree to give at least 24 HOURS NOTICE if I cannot attend, otherwise the FULL lesson fee is to be paid prior to any future bookings being made. Notice is to be given by calling or texting on 0774 861 2070.
  7. I understand that competition, amateur or professional, is optional. However, certain grading’s will require me to participate in sparring and / or friendly contests, to which I agree to and consent.
  8. I understand that I shall be fully responsible for any claim resulting from any injury I inflict, whether accidentally or intentionally, upon another member or Instructor/Coach. Furthermore, I agree to not hold Leigh Kickboxing Studio, the Martial Arts School, Training Centre, the Instructor or any appointed Instructor/Coach, responsible for any injury sustained or inflicted to either myself or others.
  9. Should a situation arise where I am unable to continue with my training, I will inform my instructor immediately, by calling or texting on 0774 861 2070 to advise.
  10. I understand that my personal data will only be used for legitimate business reasons only, as detailed in our Privacy Notice. A copy of the Privacy Notice is held at the Studio & can be viewed at any time. We will not sell or rent your information to third parties nor will we will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes, however, should we require the use of photos for our website or tenders, we will ask your permission first.

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